About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, I am very happy to see you guys here. In my blog will be sharing my experiences working for others and the ways of learning how life works when we are adults. As I am a current first year in my job hunting and a recent college graduate, I am very willing to learn about how everything works especially when it comes to career advice and making things great. Also, I am very interested in many different things as well, which you can see in my blog here. I have many different categories of interests and I wish to learn more about everything. My curiosity knows no bounds.


If you ever have any idea of what you think I might enjoy, feel free to contact me whenever you feel like it. I know that it may sound strange coming from a stranger, but I really enjoy getting to know more about everyone. I have already spent most of my time in front of a computer so I don’t find it strange anymore. In any case, feel free to contact me whenever you want to because I will be waiting for your message. Ciao Bella.