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Mastering a situation helps to gain confidence and careful preparation leads to it. Also, at the beginning of this year, take stock of your project. Take the time to write down the answers to the following questions. This exercise will allow you to clarify the current situation and validate your winning options.

Capitalize on your system of success

Your successful system is unique and relies on all the resources at your disposal. Mobilizing them wisely allows you to progress more effectively in your project. Thinking about your abilities, skills, knowledge will help you to identify them. List all the ones that come to mind and ask the people around you to help you.

What achievements can you build on? What knowledge do you use to develop your conversion? Which ones can you further increase your expertise? What successful experiences in the past can help you in the current situation?

When you read it again, you will find that you have all the resources to make your project a success. And, if any are missing, you have the solutions to get them. So you can be confident in your success, you can afford it. All you have to do is plan your professional transition.


Secure planning

Your objective is SMART, therefore defined, specific and quantified. It is projected over time and therefore the implementation date is defined. To help you organize your actions, put positive pressure on yourself, and thereby engage in a conversion vote, all that remains is to plan all the actions.

Repeat each of the steps, steps, break them down into simple tasks and write next to them a duration, a date, a period. Now take your agenda, view and block the time slots reserved for preparing your professional career transition. Finally, integrate each simple task into your schedule? Is the project feasible as planned? What accommodations are likely to help you succeed?

This approach requires you to be realistic and honest with yourself. Realistic, because it is important not to underestimate any activity, or on the contrary to overestimate the time you have to devote to this project. Honestly, because lying to you can only be counterproductive, now that everything is in place, are you more confident in achieving your professional transition? How do you feel about this project?

“If you think you’re going to succeed, you’re right too. If you think you’re going to fail, you’re right too. Napoleon Hill

Another key to trust is the adherence of your project with your values, your beliefs. If your conversion is consistent with your identity vote, you are 100% confident that it will succeed, and it is easy. To find out, plan ahead when you have reached your goal. Then, enjoy the emotions that come to you.

When I project myself into my conversion, what do I feel? How do I feel? Do I want to mobilize my energy for this project? Am I in high positive energy?

Finally, take a step back from your projection and how you feel when you invest in your professional transition.

Are you in phase with your project? What makes you doubt yourself? Is it related to you, your environment? Is it related to the consequences of your choices?

This awareness of your certainties and positive beliefs builds your self-confidence. The shadows that may appear help you identify possible fears and barriers that may take you away from your success. If they are too important, it will be wise to ask yourself about their origin. Is it your professional reconversion that is not in line with your deep identity? A coach can accompany you to clarify the situation, better overcome them and… continue your journey in confidence.

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