Black head removal

Black head removal 

I am using this black head removal mask for removing blackheads. As a mater a fact, this product is the only thing I need for my skin. The black head removal peeling mask by Crystal Secret. Not only removed my blackheads, but also made my skin looks younger. In short, let me tell you a interesting and funny story about it. You can find the beauty product here, along with Crystal Secret products line: .

Black head removal

Beauty is important! 

My boyfriend is having troubles with his problematic skin. So, given this points, I tried to help him. We are together for three years, and ever since I met him he complains about skin issues. To be precise, a lots of blackheads on his nose and forehead. I don’t mind this fact, I am in love in him because of him. But, I start realizing it affects his esteem and contact with other people. Especially, knowing the fact that men can not use make up to cover the flaws. Skin imperfections is a main problem for whole population. Some of us are happy enough to be born with normal skin. But, some of us have this problem for whole life. Usually, it starts hormonal during the teen days and it last till the individual matures.

Online commercials 

Must confess something very important relate to this article. Those online advertisements has never been my favorite thing to choose. Compared with shopping stores, it is much better when you are able to try and test the product first. My boyfriend was very doubtful about online purchasing, but that did not last long. When we got the black head removal mask, he was happy. Besides the fact it is ordered online. It can be a lie he said. But, we got the product in time as we were promised. I am sure you will understand the fear, not all the companies out there are legit. Given this points, this black mask amused us. And not only the quality of the product, but also the company policy.

Funny moments

It was a sunny Sunday morning, and both of us were enjoying the weekend together. Suddenly, he remembered he got a new product to test. He went to take a bath, I went to make a lunch. When he came out of the bathroom, he was all black faced. I started laughing so hard, did not know having this mask on can be so funny. While waiting for the mask to be removed, we took a few photos together. It was totally fun watching him doing facial treatment.

The moment the mask became elastic to be peeled, he became anxious. What if it hurts to peel it off, he said. Don’t be a child, I said to him. Do You want me to do it for You, because I do not mind at all. But, he was brave enough to do it by himself. When the peeling was over, he was surprised how painless it was. What else can I say, that day I apply the mask too.

Black mask peel

Black mask peel

This article will help You learn to recognize and identify the good cosmetic products. In the light of facial treatments, I will introduce You to the most effective black mask peel . I noticed the differences on my face with only one treatment. So, if You have problematic skin this black mask peel is the only solution for you. No more blackheads, whiteheads, pimples of acne.

This is the famous facial product I am talking about. You can find it very easily on this Facebook link: . This is the Crystal Beauty Secret official shopping page, and their products are available only online. Follow Crystal Secret on Instagram where you can find many interesting posts and tips.

Black mask peel

Bye-bye blackheads

Purifying black mask peel which restored my trust in cosmetics. All of my skin troubles are history, my face looks healthy, clean, with a radiant glow. Before finding this fantastic black mask peel, I was using another one. Must say I was not satisfied with the product and I decided to replace it. But, there is no need to start propaganda between company names and popular brands. All I can say is that this Crystal Secret facial mask is one of a kind. My skin looks beautiful and my confidence is back. It can be used by all genders and ages too. And it is made for all skin types, tones or colors. Given this points, my intention is to share my great experience with the world.


Just going to quote one of my favorite motto: Quality is the best business plan. Without great quality it does not matter what something costs. As for the black mask peel price, it is totally affordable for everyone. Also, when I made my first order, I was surprised by the fact they offer a free delivery. Crystal Secret company provide free express shipping to your home in only two days from your purchasing. Furthermore, it is one time deal, no need to subscribe or be afraid for future costs. And the delivery was as expected, I got my product two days after I placed an order.

Facial night 

So, in order to get the maximum effect from the treatment, You should make sure the pores are clean. In the old fashioned way I made myself a face steaming. Also it is very easy to prepare and your skin will be thankful. All you need is boiled water and a few tea bags inside. As for me, I am a big fan of the chamomile extract, but you can use other herbs if you wish. Usually, the most used are rosemary, green tea or wild rose.

After the steaming, apply the black mask peel on the desired area or the whole face. Of course it can be used on every part of your body, depends on the problematic area. Additionally, leave the mask on until its completely dry. Slowly peel it off after it became elastic, starting from outer edge to center. Apply some toner to tighten your pores and wash your face with cold water. Hope you will enjoy this new product and you will thank me for it.

Black mask

Black Mask

Skin care treatments and routines have always been my favorite subject. The main topic of this article is one of the best cosmetic and facial product. In addition, I will introduce You to the most effective black mask of all time. The black mask that will change your view to the cosmetic industry.

Black mask

Black liquid gold

Can not put the blame on my profession as a writer, but I must admit I am a harsh critic in things. Maybe that is the prior reason I became a blogger, among other things. Finding yourself in the world of beauty can be quite challenging. My job is to find new and undiscovered beauty products and represent them to the buyers. Objectivity and real judgment can be really exhausting in some cases. And most of all, if You know someone depends on your opinion. In the long run, maybe the word “depend” is exaggerated, appreciated would sound better. In brief, I can make the customers love or hate someone’s product. And that is how I found this amazing product in the first place.

Searching through my Instagram profile, I accidentally ran on this black mask. It was a product from a company I have never heard of. Their brand name is Crystal Beauty Secret. And as I later discovered, they are new name on the cosmetic market. The Crystal Secret Black Mask is their “firstborn child”. The company was established last year, and since then they have expand the range of products. Even so, in this article we will stick to the black mask quality only. But, in this matter, if you are willing You can can check all of their products on this link:

Interaction and first impression

The very first time when I saw this product, I was pretty skeptical about it. Curios and amused I started reading people’s comments and reviews. All of them was positive and all I can see was praises. So, I decided to get in touch with the company, somehow. I figured, if they are interested in promoting their product it will be a good start. Therefore, I wrote them a short message about my preposition. To my surprise, I got a quick response and a answer for a cooperation. I told them that I had recently came across their page and I am very intrigued about their product. The reply was this: Thank You for your interest, we would love to hear your opinion about our products. They sent me a free sample of the black mask and a instruction list with the product.

The night we met

The night I tried the black mask for the first time was the night I met my perfect facial product. It would be such a shame if I don’t describe the feeling a little bit poetic. My face was soft like never before, and clear as spring water. I left the black mask on for 30 minutes and after the peeling I was amazed with the results. This is a product of the future, and I will continue share all my best regards for them.