Black head removal

Black head removal 

I am using this black head removal mask for removing blackheads. As a mater a fact, this product is the only thing I need for my skin. The black head removal peeling mask by Crystal Secret. Not only removed my blackheads, but also made my skin looks younger. In short, let me tell you a interesting and funny story about it. You can find the beauty product here, along with Crystal Secret products line: .

Black head removal

Beauty is important! 

My boyfriend is having troubles with his problematic skin. So, given this points, I tried to help him. We are together for three years, and ever since I met him he complains about skin issues. To be precise, a lots of blackheads on his nose and forehead. I don’t mind this fact, I am in love in him because of him. But, I start realizing it affects his esteem and contact with other people. Especially, knowing the fact that men can not use make up to cover the flaws. Skin imperfections is a main problem for whole population. Some of us are happy enough to be born with normal skin. But, some of us have this problem for whole life. Usually, it starts hormonal during the teen days and it last till the individual matures.

Online commercials 

Must confess something very important relate to this article. Those online advertisements has never been my favorite thing to choose. Compared with shopping stores, it is much better when you are able to try and test the product first. My boyfriend was very doubtful about online purchasing, but that did not last long. When we got the black head removal mask, he was happy. Besides the fact it is ordered online. It can be a lie he said. But, we got the product in time as we were promised. I am sure you will understand the fear, not all the companies out there are legit. Given this points, this black mask amused us. And not only the quality of the product, but also the company policy.

Funny moments

It was a sunny Sunday morning, and both of us were enjoying the weekend together. Suddenly, he remembered he got a new product to test. He went to take a bath, I went to make a lunch. When he came out of the bathroom, he was all black faced. I started laughing so hard, did not know having this mask on can be so funny. While waiting for the mask to be removed, we took a few photos together. It was totally fun watching him doing facial treatment.

The moment the mask became elastic to be peeled, he became anxious. What if it hurts to peel it off, he said. Don’t be a child, I said to him. Do You want me to do it for You, because I do not mind at all. But, he was brave enough to do it by himself. When the peeling was over, he was surprised how painless it was. What else can I say, that day I apply the mask too.