9 September 2007 Letters RetireTheChief.org

University of Illinois Board of Trustees Vote:
The Retirement of the chief is Official

Video from the Board of Trustees meeting follows.

H. Wakeland
Honor The Chief Society

Video (QT) / Audio (MP3)
B. Fields
Professor Emeritus, UIUC

Video (QT) / Audio (MP3)
G. Tenoso
Graduate student, UIUC

Video (QT) / Audio (MP3)

Trustee D. Dorris
Objections raised to
holding chief retirement vote

Video (QT) / Audio (MP3)
Vote on Chief Illiniwek
Item 1a: Resolution
Concerning Consensus Process

Video (QT) / Audio (MP3)
Trustee R. Sperling
Response to Dorris and Tenoso comments,
NCAA, and chief retirement decision

Video (QT) / Audio (MP3)

BOT meeting audio is available here (runs 77 min; only chief-related portions included). It is available as MP3 (44 MB), AAC (36 MB), and WAV (70 MB). Key times (min:sec) follow: • Wakeland (04:22) • Fields (09:39) • Tenoso (16:00) • Chief retirement discussion starts (23:45) • Dorris, Board discuss timing (24:17) • Carroll offers two amendments (29:53) • Dorris states opposition to retirement (40:15) • Vote taken on chief retirement (53:32) • Dorris: item 30a, to join lawsuit against NCAA (54:38) • Carroll comments, discussion (58:36) • Sperling responds (1:01:23), further comments (1:02:50) • Dorris, Sperling discussion (1:08:35) • Vote held - resolution to join lawsuit (1:15:22).


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